• Kate Speer [Artistic Director]
  • Frankie Toan [Plot Writer]
  • Rachel Oliver Young [Assistant Director]


  • Emma Acheson
  • Vanessa Ann
  • Amy Bishop
  • Rachel Oliver Young
  • Sara Roybal
  • Rowan Salem
  • Kate Speer
  • Frankie Toan
  • Jessica Troppmann
  • Alejandra Valles Medrano

[Sound Design]

  • Mike Clark
  • Jake Wherry

[Visual Artists]

Jessica Forrestal | Profit Office

George P. Perez | [A Lack Of] | Living Quarters

Julie Rooney | [Video]

Genevieve Waller + Katy Zimmerman | [Diorama of the Cosmos] | Yard

Jess Webb | [Algae Wall] | Kitchen

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Commissioned and Produced by Control Group Productions

With support from Scientific and Cultural Fund District, Colorado Creative Industries, and the National Endowment for the Arts.